How to use Shortcode

Use the following short code to display the comment box.

[simple-comments post_id="26" get="30" style="golden" border="true" auto_load="true"]


  • post_id: Post/Page id.
  • get: Total comments to get.
  • style: Style comment box. (golden, dark, facebook, default or custom).
  • border: Show/hide border. (true or false)
  • auto_load: Load comments automatically on page load. (true or false)
  • order: Order of the comments. (DESC, ASC or likes)
  • form: Show/hide comment form. (true or false)


[simple-comments post_id="26" get="30" style="golden" border="true" auto_load="true" order="likes"]

[simple-comments post_id="28" get="20" style="dark" border="true" auto_load="false" order="ASC"]

[simple-comments post_id="41" get="20" style="facebook" border="true" auto_load="true" order="DESC"]